Leadify India - The Leadership Concept

Our motto is bringing great minds together. And our vision is to inspire each other with inspiring speaker at inspiring venues. It is a unique concept for members to exchange ideas and best practice and develop new approaches. It is an unparalleled networking organization where members are encouraged to exchange to use their expertise and experience to inspire leaders of the future.


The Leadify India Awards celebrate the best talent in human achievements. It recognizes a spectrum of human achievements in their respected field and also aim to recognized the best businesses in India that have evolved to match the best in the world. Covering a range of categories, the awards offer the businesses and entrepreneurs a prestigious platform to communicate a shared vision for the future, from culturally integrated city skylines to sustainable urban communities. The Leadify India team has put together a judging panel comprising of the most extraordinary individuals.


All the entries must apply through Leadify India online portal. Entries applying for Leadify India Awards must be eligible for the Leadership category. Leadify India Awards is referring to the great leaders from different categories  such as Health Sector, Educational Leaders, Entrepreneurs Leadership. All the entries are required to submit their full profile including their achievements, previous award history and the leadership qualities.

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