Greatest inspiration and a great artist A. K. Azad

An entity alone has been a source of perennial joy. Greatest inspiration, absolute awe and a reminder towards the ultimate truth-undoubtedly and undeniably is “Nature”. Man has forever been indebted to nature for almost every need of his. Material and the spiritual. Greatest of the artist have owed their inspiration to the beauty of the inimitable creations and manifestations of nature. The might, the moods, the artistry, the grace, the generosity, the discipline, the passion, the selflessness and so much more that nature envelops, has been the point of ignition for the art of innumerable creative folks. The elevation, the illumination, the revelation (the more stated, the lesser) that nature offers, have been the life force of life itself!

A.K. Azad in the present series mingles with nature with similar passion that the shows having absorbed in his creations. The passion that nature endows man with also fills him up with the natural curiosity that he has expressed in his work. The element of mystery that is perennially prevalent in the aura, in its audible silence, the whispers the nature lovingly saturates and definitely more perceptible to the ears of the likes of the artists, who but helplessly serve in our platter with the intensity with which they receive it.

In the present series that has been affectionately extended, the child like offering that entails mutual enthusiasm in the process of partaking is doubtlessly a source of fulfillment to the being of the artist in him.

Azad comes across as one who has an intense and undying love with his muse, not to be suffering a setback due to the demands of the daily drudgery and grind of the of everyday life. Only the most cherished order can survive the onslaught of a demanding job and the growing need of the family, sitting only after midnight extending into the wee hours of the morning, the only time slot that gets for peaceful work, does he find himself doing justice to the irrepressible appetite for his love –his art, his paintings….   

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