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Showcasing your brand will attract more investors, more business and more customer. Expose your Brand to an entirely new market of customers so that you can find your potential customers.

Join the Leadership Concept

Why your organisation should join Leadership Club

Become a part of the most significant network of volunteers working for development organizations striving for a world where no one is left behind.

Be seen

Become part of a distinguished group of professionals with access to exclusive resources and opportunities. Sign up now and join the Leaders community!

Be Networked

There are many networks for development organisations, so it is important to find one that is right for your organisation. Some networks focus on specific issues or regions, while others are more general. It is also important to look for a network that is well organised and has a good track record of helping development organisations.

Be Quality

By using good practice resources and tools, as well as training and development opportunities, you can make sure that your services are as strong as possible.

Be Impactful

The network for development movement is working to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals. They need your help to be successful. You can get involved in leadership projects and initiatives to help make things better for everyone.

Membership criteria

Membership of The Leadership Club is open to non-profit organizations that are dedicated to volunteer service for the benefit of our community. All club members agree to the Charter, and pay an annual membership fee to help support our work. This allows us to work together to improve the development of our community.

Club’s Membership will be open for Four categories of organisation:

  • Associate Membership
  • Patron/ Benefactor Membership
  • Corporate Membership
  • Individual Membership


As a member of our community, you have access to the support and expertise of others who are facing similar challenges. Together, we can help your business achieve its goals by developing the capabilities of each specialist professional function.

By joining Leaders club, you agree to your contact details being shared to other Members, or Fellows of the club. Details will not be shared outside of club members. There are many special talents within the membership and we encourage members to utilize the wealth of experience within the club through the Members Directory.

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