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Home page, Article Page, Internal Pages

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Home page, Article Page, Internal Pages

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  • Format Allowed: JPG or PNG
  • Maximum weight: 35 kb
  • URL should always be Domain Based. [ 198.xx.xx.xx not allowed]
  • No Spaces allowed in the Tracking URL
  • While sending the banners use the naming convention as follows – clientname_date(dd)_bannersize [ eg: ABC_12_300by250]

How to submit the design/ banner/ advertising?

Please email your banner design in .jpg or .png format following the correct dimension on

Who will provide the design?

The design must be provided by you. We as Leadify Leaders club will not design any of your banner/ advertising material or any design.

How long will it take my advertising to be visible on website?

Your advertising will be visible after verification approval which includes the correct formatting and dimension.

Can I change my advertisement, once the campaign has started?

No, The campaign will not be ultered/ modify or changed after successful running but you can stop your running campaign and create a new campaign which will be validated as per your balance validity.

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